Anonymous asked:

rwby: everything is a gun. the toothbrush is a gun. toothpaste too if you're lucky. fire bullets of pure minty freshness onto your plaque-fighting rifle which you shoot instead of brush from side to side, like that one video where that guy taped a toothbrush to a pistol. books? guns. the light switch? a trigger to a gun. that spider on the wall? probably shouldn't mess wit.

tobecomeaprince answered:

Rwby: If I’m a gun, and you’re a gun, then who’s driving the plane? (A gun, of course.) (the plane is a gun too.)



Quick break: Something about their colors had been bothering me, and it occurred to me the other night, so I suddenly googled it. A lot of media is concerned with the creation of the philosopher’s stone, which (as I’m sure you guys know) is crediting with being able to create the elixir of life as…